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World Percussion

I play many types of world percussion including Cajon, Djembe, Conga, Frame Drum,and Tabla.  Through the years I have adapted Tabla strokes on various instruments and have created a unique style.  In the Dance and percussion group, “Pradhanica”, composed by Pandit Divyang Vakil, I play difficult off beat Kathak dance compositions on Cajon. For this I use both traditional strokes and Tabla strokes. My favorite Cajon in the world is the Schlagwerk Makassar Deluxe Cajon. I have played for African dance with dancer and composer, Kimani Fowler since 2005. I love African music for its deep tradition and syncopated patterns. Djembe is my favorite African drum to play. Working with Modern Dance since 2004 has opened me up to many different styles and instruments.  In recent years I have added electronic drums such as the Korg Wave Drum and the Roland Hand Sonic.  I also compose tracks with Native Instruments Maschine and play on top of them in a live setting.  This creates a huge full sound and works great for Dance. Percussion is a huge part of my music these days and it adds a lot to drum set playing.  All drummers should learn percussion because the roots of drumming are based there.

Here is a video of a solo on my Schlagwerk Cajon drum set!

Drum Set

I have played drum set since the age of 12 and have experience with many different styles of trap kit playing.  Over the years I played music ranging from Jazz, Funk, Afro-Cuban, North Indian Fusion, and Gospel, to Reggae, Punk Ska, Rock, and Improvisational jam.
Using the influence of world Rhythms on the kit has helped me create an original rhythmic style.  By incorporating the use of North Indian Ti hai’s into rock and funk, great anticipation of the one is created.  The concept of Ti hai means repeating an exact and evenly spaced rhythmic figure three times and having it land on the Sum (the one).  A Ti hai can be formed in any time signature.  In Teental (16 beats) a common ti hai is 11 beats three times.  11 x 3 = 33.  This means that Teental will happen twice as 16 x 2 = 32.  The 33rd beat is the Sum(one).
Here is an example of an 11 beat ti hai in Teental.
S= half beat pause

Genadhagenadhagena genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S
Genadhagenadhagena genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S
Genadhagenadhagena genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S genadhagedhinnagenadha S

Shorter Ti hai’s will work better in a groove setting.

Dhatigenadha  Dhatigenadha Dhatigenadha
1    2  3  4   5    1  2  3 4  5    1   2  3  4  5

These ideas can be used in any style of drum set playing.

Video of samba solo on Drum set!


I have been emersed in Tabla for 13  years with my Guru, Pandit Divyang Vakil.  I can teach classical compositions from Dehli, Ajrada, and, Punjab Gharanas.  I can also teach light beat rhythms in Kaharwa, Dadra, And Khemta tals.  I have visited India Multiple times to study and perform in Guru Purnima Celebrations.

Here is some information about my Teacher, Pandit Divyang Vakil.
Pandit Divyang Vakil is one of the world’s most respected Tabla guru. He doesn’t only expand the skills of one of the world’s most difficult drumming into his students but also articulates the entire personality of them. He is more of a friend to his students. His years of intense sadhana, kinship with spirituality and philosophy; and incomparable understanding of Indian classical music have enriched the traditional “Guru-Shishya parampara” , as all of his students are being trained in the same tradition. He teaches the latest and modern styles of Tabla playing as well as the classical and traditional methods, which he has mastered. His students produce a harmonious compilation of modern and classical aspects of Indian classical music. They don’t only learn the commercial and popular form of Tabla but also distinguish spiritual aspects of it.
Pandit Divyang Vakil ‘s colossal experience of more than 27 years as a guru , has produced innumerable professionals in the world of Indian and International music. Learn moreabout Vakil at

Tabla video!