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Vincent Pierce Percussion

Vincent Pierce Percussion is a freelance world music performance company and school of percussion. Vincent Pierce Smith, founder and artist at VPP, created the company over fifteen years ago.  VPP offers unique services as a freelance drum company, teaching ethnic drum languages and translating them onto other percussion instruments. Vincent Pierce has performed with Pradhanica, a popular […]

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6-Wire Band plays for Joe Biden at UD

What an honor it was to play with these world class musicians for Joe Biden at University of Delaware! Joe was extremely kind and said after hearing our performance, “If I had talent like that, I’d be president by now!”


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Music Lessons: Drum Set|Tabla|Cajon|Piano|World Percussion

Vincent Pierce Percussion offers weekly private lessons for all ages and levels at our beautiful studios in Monroe Twp and Highland Park, NJ.

Vincent Smith, founder of Vincent Pierce Percussion, specializes in various instruments such as Drum Set, Tabla, Piano, Cajon, Djembe, Conga, Hang Drum, and countless other world percussion instruments. Vincent has been a […]

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Stand Up To Cancer Benefit with TURIYA!

On Saturday August 20rst, Karttikeya Arul and I got the opportunity to share our music for a fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer organization. The event was held in Princeton, New Jersey and was hosted by Lisa Graf and Kevin Cotter, two absolutely wonderful and talented individuals. We raised over $2000!

We […]