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I teach Tabla using the methods and techniques that I learned from my guru, Pandit Divyang Vakil. I have taught Tabla regularly since 2007 and have experience with all ages and levels. I emphasize the importance of building good tone and steady rhythm.  The weight of the compositions and how they are played is important.  I can teach Tabla from Dehli, Punjab, Lucknow and Ajrada Gharana, and have a large stock of compositions in all popular tals.

Drum Set
Teaching since 2002, I have gained experience with all age groups and levels. I can teach Rock, Jazz, Fusion, and Latin styles.
Books Used for teaching:
“Realistic Rock”, Carmen Appice
“Syncopation”, Ted Reed
“Elementary Drum Method”, by Roy Burns
“Stick Control”, G.L Stone
“The logical approach to Snare Drum” volume 1 and 2, Phil Perkins
“Drumming with the Mambo King”, Tito Puente
“Goovin in Clave”, Ignacio Berroa
“Afro Cuban Percussion and Drum Set”, Ed Uribe
“Indian Rhythms for Drum Set” Pete Lockett
“The Drummers Complete Vocabulary” John Ramsay
“On the Beaten Path” Rich Lackowski
“Brazilian Rhythms for Drum Set” Bob Weiner and Duduka da Fonseca
“Claves of Origin” Billy Martin
“Studying Rhythm” Anne Carother Hall
“Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer” Jim Chopin
“Realistic Rock for Kids” Carmine Appice
“Complete Drum Workbook” Pat Petrillo
“Snare Drum Rudiments” Buddy Rich
“The Sound of Brushes” Ed Thigpen
“How to Play Djembe” Alan Dworsky and Betsy Sansby
“Conga Drumming” Alan Dworsky and Betsy Sansby
“Conversations in Clave” Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez
“The Beatles Drum Collection”
I can also incorporate world rhythms from Africa and India.

I teach Piano using Alfred’s adult all in one piano course level 1
For Kids I use Alfred’s Basic Piano Library.

World Percussion
I teach Cajon, Djembe, Conga, framedrum, and Piano.
Classes are available at my studio in Monroe, NJ or in your home.
Please contact me for class times and fees.

Zen Tambour and Tabla Video