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Drum set:
Rock –
1993 Premier Signia –
Two 22″ by 18″ Bass Drums
10″ 12″ 14″ Rack toms
16″ floor tom
Ludwig 14 x 5 Black Beauty Supra-Phonic Snare Drum
DW 10″ Snare
LP mini snare
Zildjian K Hi-hats
K Fast Crash
K Ride
20″ K China
14″ K China
Wuhan Chinas
DW Pedals
Tama Hardware

Drum Craft Acrylic
22” Progressive Kit

!968 Ludwig Classic Maple
Ludwig Acrolite snare
Vintage Zildjian Hihats and Ride

Mapex Bebop Orion Classic – Maple
Sonor Safari Kit – Hardwood
Similar cymbal, hardware and snare set ups

Tabla – Bombay and Ahmedabad
11.5″ LP Djembe
LP bongos
LP Congas
West African Natural Skin Djembe from Guinea
Schlagwerk BC 462 2inOne Bass Cajon
Schlagwerk CC 204 Cajinto Solo
Schlagwerk RTS 61 tunable Frame Drum
Schlagwerk Makassar Deluxe Cajon 2 in one
Schlagwerk Solo Yambu Cajon
Schlagwerk Skinwood Red La peru Cajon
Schlagwerk CajoKick Trigger
Schlagwerk Bass Udu
Schlagwerk Bongos
Schlagwerk Shake hands
Schlagwerk Shakers

Studio and electronic percussion:
Native Instruments Maschine
Ableton Live 9 suite
Akai Apc40
Roland and Korg Keyboards
Moog Subphatty Analog Synth
Logic 9
Roland Octacapture
Focusrite 6i6
Sennheiser, Shure, Audix, AKG mics
Torres Cajon Mic System (Audix Mics)
Korg Wave Drum
Roland Hand Sonic 10
Soundcraft Mixers
Bose L1 PA systems

4 Zen Tambour Drums
RAV Drum
Symphonic Steel Hand Pans

And much more!