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“Deep and moving trance music combined with rare musicianship. A lovely CD!”
~ Jai Uttal – world-renowned kirtan and rock artist
“Turiya is a sensuous, rhythm infused sonic landscape, perfect for yoga and other joys.”
~ Girish – yogi, kirtan artist, musician, composer, producer


 Vincent Pierce Smith plays the Zen Tambour, tabla, cajon, Halo, Hang, udu, keyboards and a variety of percussion
Karttikeya plays the Halo, Hang, Hapi, udu, cajonito, keyboards and a variety of percussion
(Special guest, Lawrence Haber, plays the bass solo at the end of Ebb and Flow)

This unique disc features the exotic and rare tuned-percussion instruments, the Halo, Hang and Zen Tambour. Yes, this is an album by drummers, and much drumming you will hear, but all in the context of composed melodic pieces. The music ranges from the fusionesque “Ebb and Flow” to the meditative Halo-Hang duet, “Moon Glow.” There is a strong thread of improvisation throughout, and much of the music came to the musicians in the studio itself. The album is 58 minutes with a flow from start to finish that will perfectly accompany a yoga practice, massage session, and exercise or dance routine.
Karttikeya and Vincent are veteran drummer/percussionists who perform in a variety of styles and settings. You might find them playing this music live for a yoga class in the Princeton, NJ, area! We can hope that this is just the first of their musical collaborations.

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